Episode 3: Allison predicts the climate

Aaron and Dave brought their end of the world lists, and its fine.  No reason to be worried at all. Allison Steiner joins us to talk about chemistry, clouds and climate.

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Follow up:

  1. Coffee: Cold brew vs. Regular brew
  2. Sugar! Yum!
  3. Chai Tea and the advantages of just buying hot beverages

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: 7 years to be an expert


A list of ways that humanity will end:

  1. An artificial intelligence will end us. Easily.
    1. Asimov's three laws
    2. Randal Monroe - XKCD - three laws
    3. Ex Machina
  2. War
    1. Aaron thinks that our leaders will kill us all.
    2. Dave thinks that cooler heads will prevail.
  3. Natural disaster
    1. It is really, really bad for the Earth
    2. But it is about as likely as you winning the lottery
  4. Pandemic
    1. Transmission vs. deadliness sweet spot
    2. Black Plague vs. Ebola
  5. Climate change
    1. Will it really kill off 50% of the population?
    2. Probably not directly.  But, there are indirect effects...

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