Episode 9a: Aaron and Dave catch up (the travel episode)

Aaron and Dave talk about exploring various parts of the United States, making questionable parenting decisions, and the intwined fates of the Ridley minivan and a poor, defenseless raccoon.


Aaron has proper internet!  Rejoice!

Netflix is ok with you sharing your password

Red Rock Canyon (BLM land, not state park)

Lots of climbing at Red Rock Canyon

Trad vs. sport climbing

Angel's Landing (and on youtube)

Huangshan (Yellow Mountain)

Echo Canyon, Zion

Pothole escape example

The Mighty Mt. Brighton!

The Zion Narrows (from the bottom)

Observation Point

Acadia National Park

Bar Harbor (it's on the Atlantic!)

Raccoon prior to meeting Aaron


A 7 year old exploring Echo Canyon, Zion

A 7 year old exploring Echo Canyon, Zion