Episode 11: A New Start

Welcome to "Season 2" of the X and Why podcast. Dave and I (Aaron) are back, and are trying to do things a bit differently.  We are trying a bit more of a fixed format, with a bit of X and a bit of Why, but are not going to interview as many people. Sorry if you really liked that part!  We also hired an editor, which is a huge help (Thanks Kenny!!!). Maybe, just maybe, we will be able to maintain a real schedule and get episodes out every other week.

So, to kick things off, this week, we talk about:

Hurricane Irma (We recorded this a bit ago, sorry!)

Aaron is feeling old, since 55 is out there somewhere.

Some groups are sending climate denier garbage out to school teachers.  What can we do? Read Wikipedia!

Henry Pollack's book (a World Without Ice)

Ask Science on Reddit

Flat Earth? Seriously?

Discussion of how bowling is linked to political discourse


 - We are Legion (We are Bob)

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The song on the podcast is "So far, I have not found the science" by the truly awesome band Soul Coughing. I wish that they still existed as a band and had a web page!  But, the lead singer was Mike Doughty, who still tours (he will be in Chicago on November 18th, 2017). Dave and I even went and saw him together once! I saw Soul Coughing in Boulder, CO when I lived there in 1996.