Episode 27: Collisions in Space

  • Wall-e's world vs. Walley World
  • Catching up:
    • Aaron and Dave Bike
    • Live show in Santa Fe next episode!
    • Why travel to meetings?
  • Science of the Week: Orbital Debris
    • Space Situational Awareness
    • JSPOC: Joint Space Operations Center
    • Forces that alter orbits:
      • Gravity from mountains and oceans and such
      • Moon and sun's gravity
      • Solar pressure
      • Atmospheric drag
    • The probability of collisions is calculated from overlapping probability distributions functions.  Obviously! :-)
    • New massive constellations
    • Surrey's RemoveDebris Mission
  • Recommendations:
    • Dave: Singularity Trap - Dennis Taylor
    • Aaron: Science Vs. Podcast

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